Superfinishing of lateral surfaces

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Superfinishgeräte werden zur Feinstbearbeitung von zylindrischen bzw. zylinderähnlichen Mantelflächen in der Einzelfertigung und bei kleineren Serien auf vorhandenen Werkzeugmaschinen, vorwiegend auf Drehmaschinen, eingesetzt.

Superfinishing equipment

Superfinishing equipment is used for the micro machining of cylindrical or similar surfaces in customised production and small series on existing machine tools, mainly on turning machines.

An oscillating and rotating movement is typical of superfinishing. The generation of the oscillation frequency for tape equipment is mainly made electromechanically and for equipment using stones mainly pneumatically. Here oscillation frequencies of up to 40 Hz with amplitudes of approx. 2 mm are realised.

Tools used are superfinishing stones, tapes for finishing, lapping and polishing, and polishing pastes with aluminium oxide or diamond. Depending on the machining task, superfinishing equipment with up to six stone guides and tape finishing equipment with tape widths of 50, 100 mm or special tape widths are available.

Superfinishing equipment

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