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To support shaft typed parts for the production of specificroughness topographies and optimum geometry values.

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Superfinishing processes can be integrated into this highly flexible machine concept;they can be used to increase the resilience of running surfaces for slide and roller bearings as well as to produce high-precision sealing seats on shaft typed parts.

  • Superfinishing with tape: A superfinishing tape is used as a tool that combines ground shoes or pressure rollers with different hardness properties or our patented dFlex 2.0 universal finishing shoe
  • Superfinishing with stone: A high-performance superfinishing stone is used as a tool, with a grain size and bond specifically designed forthe application.
  • The removal of the material is achieved through the rotation of the workpiece VW, the pressing force Fn, and theshort-stroke oscillation Fosz working in parallel with the workpiece axis.
  • Auxiliary functions on the NaCen machine platform often include the integration of additional brush deburringprocesses for defined edge rounding or the realisation of polishing operations for the production of high-glosssurfaces.
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Forces and movements using a tapeForces and movements using a tapefinishing process as seen above. Forces and movements using a tape finishingForces and movements using a tape finishingprocess as seen above. The example above usesa continious tape feed for an optimum cutting ratio.

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  • All standard workpiece holders can be adapted
  • Fully automatic tape and stone adjustment
  • Up to 4 compact, high-performance finishing modules can be used at thesame time
  • Machine covering with integrated tool drawers
  • Integrated 200 litre detergent filtration
  • Automation interface with loading from 4 possible sides(front, back, right and top)
  • Touch panel for user-friendly operation


Technical data

Series 600 X-600
Distance between centers  up to 600 mm  up to 650 mm
Machining diameter  135 mm  135 mm
Max. workpiece diameter  135 mm  250 mm
Max. number of NC axes  1  5
Max. number of finishing modules  4  4
Infeed of finishing modules pneumatic, up to 200 N
Standard control Siemens S7-300 with HMI TP1200
Approx. dimensionsApprox. dimensions(L x W x H)  2,1 x 1,4 x 1,8 m


Typical applications

Typical applicationGear shaftCamshaftDrive shaft
Machining scope 2x bearing seats 1x pump cam 4x bearing seats
Machining process Grinding Rz 2.5 - 3 Grinding Ra < 0.25 Grinding Rz 1.5 - 2.5
    Superfinishing Process stages 1 2 (semi-finish/finish) 1
Tool Finishing tape Finishing tape Finishing tape
Surface roughness Ra < 1 μm Ra < 0,08 μm Ra < 0,05 μm
Cycle time *  25 s  22 s  30 s

*Depending on the pre-machining quality and the machine equipment. Without loading and unloading.

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