Superfinishing / machining between tips

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Einstech-Superfinishmaschinen kommen für die Bearbeitung von einer und mehreren zylindrischen bzw. zylinderähnlichen Mantelflächen der Werkstücke zum Einsatz, die zwischen Spitzen oder in einem Futter aufgenommen werden ...

Superfinishing machines UF / TF / SE / SRH

Plunge cut superfinishing machines are used for the machining of single and multiple cylindrical or similar surfaces of workpieces which are clamped between centres or clamped in a chuck.

An oscillating and rotating movement is typical of the superfinishing. The generation of the oscillation frequency is generally made pneumatically and electromechanically. Compared to electromechanical drives, the pneumatic drives are characterised by lower maintenance costs and a higher oscillation frequency of 40 to 50 Hz. Electromechanical drives are mainly used for oscillation frequencies up to 25 Hz or for lower oscillation amplitudes.

Depending on the requirements, superfinishing stones or tapes are used as tools. These can be in a fixed or movable position.

A variety of machine concepts and sizes are available which take into account the dimensions of the workpiece to be machined and the used tools. On request we can also manufacture customer-specific machines.

Examples of workpieces are crankshafts, camshafts, eccentric shafts, rocker arm shafts, gearbox shafts, gear racks, shafts, balance shafts, impellers, all types of offset shafts and axes and control gears.

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