Fairs dates

20.03.2024 - 21.03.2024
Coiltec Augsburg
21.03.2024 - 21.03.2024
Coiltec Augsburg
08.04.2024 - 12.04.2024
CCMT Shanghai
09.04.2024 - 12.04.2024
CCMT Shanghai
10.04.2024 - 12.04.2024
CCMT Shanghai
11.04.2024 - 12.04.2024
CCMT Shanghai
12.04.2024 - 12.04.2024
CCMT Shanghai
14.05.2024 - 16.05.2024
Cwieme Berlin
14.05.2024 - 17.05.2024
GrindingHub Stuttgart
15.05.2024 - 16.05.2024
Cwieme Berlin

Development of cutting tools

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Development of abrasives

The growing pressure to reduce weight and increase the load capacity of parts has triggered a wave of new ideas for materials. Economic machining is a decisive milestone on the way from an idea to series production.

To be able to offer our customers support at the right time, the NAGEL technical department implements process improvements for the external and internal machining of different parts already at an early stage. This had led to the availability of a variety of interesting materials, tested abrasives and machining expertise, e.g. for:

  • Vermicular cast iron
  • Coatings (plasma, electroplating and laser coatings and hard-coat layers)
  • Ceramics
  • Magnesium alloys
  • Aluminium alloys
  • Synthetic products
  • Carbide

Furthermore, our experts are happy to develop the ideal abrasive to meet your specific requirements.

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