Formhonen / Konturhonen

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Form honing / CONTOUR HONING

For decades, we have been the most demanded and globally successful partner in engine production for the honing of high-precision cylinder shapes in large and small series.

We open up further potential for reducing friction, noise and oil consumption for our customers by producing bore contours which guarantee the most cylindrical shape possible even when the engines are assembled and at operating temperature. To do this, we not only create contours for each engine type, but also for each individual bore, which compensate this deformation. Within the Nagel group that is why we call this Contour honing.

We have already proven with various customers that we are doing this with the required responsibility, precision and suitability for series production.

New tool concept

For the demanding process of contour honing, Elgan and Nagel have jointly developed a completely new tool concept. This covers the complete component spectrum, namely for

  • Gasoline and diesel engines
  • Grey cast iron and plasma coated cylinder surfaces
  • In-line and V-engines in various numbers of cylinders
  • liners for truck and large engines
  • Cylinder liners with and without bore recesses (connecting rod windows, ventilation bores)
  • open deck / closed deck

Our high flexibility towards subsequent adjustments in the design of the cylinder surface and the high benefit for both the manufacturer (e.g. optimal haptics, easy preparation) and the end user have led to the remarkable Red Dot "best of the best" award for this contour honing tool.

The systematic tool design also allows further individual adjustments for future tasks.

The patented tool design even offers possibilities e.g. for the production of axially different surfaces adapted to the piston speed (stratum honing) as well as for the honing of engines with extremely short honing overrun, e.g. monoblocks. For this purpose, the tool is already successfully used globally in series production.

Features of the tool concept for contour honing

  • Tools can already be used extremely flexibly in the basic design. The systematic structure allows adaptation for further applications.
  • Durability and reliability already proven in high volume production
  • High acceptance in manufacturing due to easy handling, simple preparation and last but not least attractive design
  • A large variety of software features for machine control, adapted to contour honing
  • Redesigned measuring station for both cylindrical and non-cylindrical bores (common)

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