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Combined fine boring and honing system

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BOREHONE - intelligent process stream consolidation

The BOREHONE process developed together with the GROB company represents a quantum leap in the finish machining of cylinder blocks. Modern abrasives enable a higher performance first honing stage and this allows complete elimination of the fine drilling finishing together with the dimensional checking which previously was carried out in the process before the honing. This high speed honing process is easily able to manage the dimensions of the remaining fine drilling for semi-finishing with cycle times suitable for large-scale series.

The diameter measurement included in the first honing process enables the semi-finishing fine drilling machine to automatically compensate for wear via a corresponding feedback signal. This allows better usage of the semi-finishing cutting and also achieves a diameter consistency with semi-finishing bores not previously possible. As a result, the cutting of the next high speed honing process can be made with tight diameter tolerances which in turn lessens wear on the stick, reduces the amount of honing sludge and realises consistent honing times.

IA pre-checking gauge before the first honing stage additionally enables realisation of automatic tool change during fine drilling for the first time. This in turn enables a new degree of flexibility and availability for the fine drilling of cylinder bores.

The BOREHONE concept is available as a transfer or centre solution. The concept impressively reduces investment costs, requires less space, and considerably reduces annual running costs for tools, energy and the number of required personnel. And this is all without any technical risk because ultimately the order of machining tasks proven over many years remains unchanged, i.e. the fine drilling continues to ensure the position and angularity of the bores and the honing takes place after the fine drilling of the bore and generates the micron accuracy of the required end finish.

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