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The compact honing centre for the quick and precise machining of small parts. RATIOHONE can be extended to include up to 7 honing spindles. Individual spindles can be fitted as required to enable capacity to grow with demand.

Wide range of parts

The RATIOHONE can machine a wide range of parts, e.g.: gearwheels, gearbox parts, hydraulics parts, pump parts, compressors, bushings /rings, turbochargers, pneumatic parts, connecting rods, housings, valves, sewing machine parts, rocker arms, parts for aerospace, small parts, ABS parts, etc.

The machine is equipped with the following working area of the spindle unit:    

  • for honing bore diameters of 8 – 40 mm
  • for bore lengths of workpieces up to a max. 150 mm

The spindle rotation is steplessly adjustable, the workpiece holding jigs are positioned on the rotary table. The honing spindles are controlled with the feedback process. The stroke shift is made on the basis of current measurement values. The machine has an integrated teleservice system. The SPC system, post-measurement stations and a brush station can be integrated.

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