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ECOHONE VERTICAL VT honing machine

The machines of the ECOHONE VT series are freely configurable to the respective machining task. The user can choose from a diameter range of 1 to 180 mm, 1 to 3 spindles and optional measuring or brushing to adjust to the workpiece to be machined and the required output.

Using the rotary table adapted to the number of spindles it is possible to reduce the non-productive times down to a minimum. Compared to other multi spindle machines available on the market, ECOHONE VT offers the advantage that each spindle is equipped with its own stroke drive. As a result, depending on the requirement different honing processes such as conventional honing or precidor honing can be implemented on each spindle.

The system can be fitted with an air-driven measuring station after each honing spindle. This enables the machine control system to automatically identify a deviation from the required tolerances and to automatically correct the honing spindle in relation to the expansion and stroke position. The automatic wear compensation of the abrasive enables unmanned operation. Manual re-adjustment of the honing tools is now a thing of the past with the ECOHONE system.

For the loading handling, a standardised pallet loading system is available which, depending on the workpiece dimensions, enables unmanned production for a period of up to one shift. The side mounting of the loading unit leaves the honing machine freely accessible at the front. Connection to a further automation solution is naturally also possible.


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Technical highlightss

  • Standardly equipped with long stroke and precidor honing*
  • Electromechanically adjustable expansion: force regulated or distance regulated expansion
  • Wear monitoring of honing tool
  • Automatic leaning => avoidance of "air honing"
  • Tool double expansion

Measurable benefits

  • Short cycle times through high cutting volume
  • Flexible use through wide diameter, tool and process range
  • Prepared for the future through possible upgrade of the control system and use of additional honing programs (bell mouth honing, short stroke honing)
  • High process reliability


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VT 1-3 VTX 1-3 VT1 HD
Honing diameter: 3-40 mm 10-80 mm 40-180 mm
Bore length: 200 mm 400 mm 600 mm
Workpiece length: 200 mm 400 mm 600 mm

Machine specifications:
Main dimensions:
H x W x D
2750 x 1310 x 1260 mm
2750 x 1890 x 1380 mm (VT2-3)
2750 x 1310 x 1260 mm (VTX1)
2750 x 1890 x 1380 mm (VTX2-3)
2750 x 2000 x 1500 mm
Working height: 960 mm 960 mm 960 mm
Operating voltage: 400 V 400 V 400 V
Connected load: depending on configuration depending on configuration depending on configuration

Honing spindle:
Speed: 100 - 2000 rpm 90 - 600 rpm 50 - 500 rpm
Rotary speed: Servomotor 3.2 kW Servomotor 3.2 kW Servomotor 7.5 kW

Stroke drive:
Stroke length: 400 mm 600 mm 800 mm
Stroke speed: 30 m/min 30 m/min 25 m/min
Servomotor: 2.1 kW 3.2 kW 7.5 kW
Machine control Nagel Honing Control MS-U4 ECO Nagel Honing Control MS-U4 ECO Nagel Honing Control MS-U4 ECO



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Available with: VT 1-3 VTX 1-3 VT 1 HD
Standardised loading handling x x
Pre-measuring and post-measuring x x x
In-process measuring x x
SPC x x x
Fixture package custom-made for part x x x
Electromechanical expansion x x x
Electromechanical double expansion x x
Electromechanical/hydraulic double expansion x x
Brush unit x x x






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