Efficient honing, even with small batches

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ECOHONE H – efficient honing also for small batch sizes

The innovative horizontal honing machine ECOHONE H sets new standards for honing in the diameter range of 3 – 80 mm. Whether as a fully automated machine for series production or as a manually loaded machine, the ECOHONE H convinces through high precision and quality with easy operation.

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Technical highlights:

  • Long stroke and precidor honing as standard
  • Electromechanical expansion in steps: force or distance controlled expansion
  • Wear monitoring of the honing tool
  • Automatic positioning => avoidance of "air honing"
  • Automatic compensation via gauge
  • Automation function
  • Honing assistant with technology database
  • Measuring equipment with measuring pin or gauge
  • Universal honing fixture

Measurable benefits

  • Short cycle times through high cutting volume
  • Flexible use through wide diameter, tool and process range
  • Prepared for the future through possible upgrade of the control system and use of additional honing programs (bell mouth honing, short stroke honing)
  • Short tool change times through quick tool change system
  • High process reliability


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  • Honing diameter: 3 - 80 mm
  • Max. external diameter: 100 mm
  • Length: up to 200 mm (dependent on tool)

Machine specifications

  • Main dimensions H x W x D: 1660 x 1440 x 890 mm
  • Integrated coolant system: contents 60 l
  • Working height: 1000 mm
  • Operating voltage: 400 V
  • Connected load: approx. 6 KW

Honing spindle

  • Speed: 150 – 4000 rpm
  • Rotary drive: servomotor 2.1 kW
  • Electromechanical expansion adjustment

Stroke drive

  • Stroke length: max. 500 mm honing stroke in the working area, extendable for handling tasks up to 750 mm
  • Stroke speed: max. 60 m/min
  • Servomotor Pcalc.= 1.6 kW

Machine control

Nagel Honing Control MS-U4 ECO



  • Vertical axis for loading function
  • Post-measuring with integrated pneumatic measuring equipment
  • SPC: preparation of measurement values for quality control /verification
  • Integrated measuring equipment with gauge
  • Part-specific fixture package

Bore types

The ECOHONE H is designed to machine almost all types of bore, e.g.:

  • Through bore
  • Blind hole (with recess)
  • Spaced bore
  • Interrupted bore

Correction of form

The ECOHONE H can correct the following bore errors:

  • Conicity
  • Taper
  • Barrel form
  • Curvature
  • Waviness
  • Lack of roundness
  • Undersize


Non-hardened and hardened steel, cast iron, hard chromium, carbide, brass, bronze, copper, aluminium, lightweight alloys, sintered metals, graphite, glass



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