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Cutting tools from NAGEL - always the first choice



NAGEL cutting tools are used to achieve the highest precision and surface quality. Therefore, strict compliance with our cutting agent specification is paramount. In order to constantly check the quality of the raw materials and the manufactured end products, NAGEL is equipped with the most modern laboratory and measuring technology devices.



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Diamond / CBN

NAGEL diamond and CBN cutting tools are suitable for equipping honing tools and finishing machines of all makes and models. The extreme hardness of the cutting grain and bond results in excellent cutting performance combined with long tool life.

NAGEL diamond and CBN cutting bars are available as standard honing bars for mounting on the bar support. Alternatively, we supply the strip ready for installation as a CBN or dialectal strip with a flaring profile. This minimizes the preparation in your company. For special requirements, we also supply the slats in the following special shapes:


Armored bar


Armored bar


Compact bar


Bar with center groove


Standard bar on base


Trapezoidal bar

NAGEL diamond and CBN finishing tools are suitable as a replacement for ceramic cutting tools of all makes and designs. Due to the interaction of the diamonds and the bond, we achieve enormous tool lives. These tools are designed to meet the exact requirements. 

Honing stones and superfinishing stones ceramic

Ceramic-bonded silicon carbide cutting fluids are normally used for machining steel and cast iron. If greater metal removal rates are required, ceramic-bonded high-grade corundum cutting media can also be used at higher peripheral speeds. These produce a slightly greater roughness than silicon carbide tools with the same grain size.

Soft and tough materials are machined with special graphite-containing plastic-bonded high-grade corundum cutting agents. 

The ceramic cutting media are available in standard shapes for application to the cutting medium carrier. Alternatively, we supply the cutting media in special shapes, profiled as finishing stones or round as finishing sleeves, for example for ball finishing machines. 

NAGEL Schneidmittel Grafik F04

NAGEL Schneidmittel Grafik F05

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NAGEL Schneidmittel Grafik F08

NAGEL Schneidmittel Grafik Form03

NAGEL Schneidmittel Grafik Form21

NAGEL Schneidmittel Grafik Form22


Superfinishing tapes

A finishing belt consists of a carrier material on which the cutting grains are scattered and held on it with a binder. When machining hardened steels and cast materials, polyester films with directional or non-directional grains in solid resin bond or tapes on linen twill with different grains in glue bond from various manufacturers are used.

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