Nagel BSB V02
Hard coatings for brake discs essentially require two production processes: laser coating using the high-speed LMD process and finishing with a double-sided surface grinding machine.


With the introduction of the Euro 7 emission standard, particulate matter levels are to be drastically reduced for all new motor vehicles - regardless of the type of drive. This means that the focus is also increasingly on brake systems. The solution is: brake discs with low-wear hard coatings, because low wear means low particulate matter. Against this background, NAGEL is expanding its portfolio to include systems for brake disc coating. The core modules for this are a laser coating system, which operates according to the high-speed LMD process, and a double-sided surface grinding machine for post-processing.

In addition to process development, NAGEL will soon be offering options for series-comparable production of coated brake discs for homologation. The aim is to bundle the coating, grinding and quality know-how in a competence center for brake discs. Since NAGEL has its own production of abrasives, we are able to optimize the overall process very quickly and tailor it to customer needs.

NAGEL's supply options include the entire process, i.e. the processing lines with laser coating systems including peripherals, double-sided grinding machines with rinsing agent preparation, equipment for extraction, cooling, tool systems and measuring as well as monitoring systems for process control. This is complemented by individually tailored automation concepts.

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